Is it a Sword or a Whip?

Well neither, it's an Urumi

Weapon Card

Material: Wood handle, metal body

Primary Use: Defence 

Effectiveness: Very effective and keeping large numbers of enemy at bay

First Used: 300 BC

Still in Use?: Yes in Kerala, (Bharat) India

Certainly not a weapon for beginners, this is a weapon that's made of a flexible metal and can have between 1 and 32 blades.  Designed to tear pieces of flesh away from the enemy and believed by historians to be invented as early as 300 BC.  It's primary use is as a defensive weapon, an experienced user able to turn into a forcefield like shield of blades.  It's the last weapon to be used in the ancient Indian martial arts system known as Kalari Payattu as it's seen as the most difficult.  Experienced users can handle up to two Urumi's and Sikhs later adopted this weapon.  

Urumi Weapon

Urumi Weapon

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