1st Battle of Tarain

Battle that Pushed Muslim Forces Back

Battle Stats

War Between: Hindu Chahamana Empire Vs Muslim  Ghurid Empire

Battle Leaders: Prithviraj Chauhan (Chahamana) Vs Mu'izz al-Din (Ghurids)

Date: Winter 1191

Battlefield: Tarain, Haryana, Bharat (India)

Weapons Used: Swords, Pikes, Bow and Arrow, War Elephants

Lead Up To The Battle

Mu'izz al-Din had made several conquests of Multan and then defeated the Ghaznavids and took Lahore.  He would have less luck when he tried his hand with the Chaulukya empire in present day Rajasthan and Gujarat.  He then sent his supposedly poised and graceful envoy to the courts of Prithviraj Chauhan.  Prithviraj flatly refused Mu'izz's terms, which included conversion to islam.  Behind close doors Prithviraj considered Mu'izz and his clan to be beef eating demons, and not following the path of Dharma.  Mu'izz infuriated that his commands were not met, declared war and began by taking the fort of Tabarhindah (present day Bathinda), which was under Chahamana control.  

The Battle

It is said the battle itself started in the winter of 1191, Prithviraj gathered up his cavalry, infantry and his war elephants and marched upon Tabarhindah fort.  Mu'izz  found out about Prithviraj's approach and rode out to Tarain, where the two armies faced off.  It is said that Prithviraj was accompanied by all the Hindu Rana's of India in what must of been a grand site.  Two huge armies facing each other in traditional battle formations, using no artillery whatsoever.  The Ghurids made the first strike, using it's cavalry to shoot arrows into the Chahamana centre.  The Chahamana forces responded by counter attacking from all three sides at once.  During the battle Mu'izz himself charged at Govind Rai (Chahamana Commander) and caused him a visit to the dentists, but Govind managed to strike the Ghurid leader in the arm with a Javelin.  Mu'izz had to be led off the field and Ghurids quickly lost morale, were overwhelmed and had to retreat.  

As Mu'izz and the Ghurid forces fled, they left a garrison of troops at the Tabarhindah fort, but Prithviraj soon took that back.  Al Din now vengeful would return home and make his plans, he couldn't bear that the Hindu ruler wouldn't submit to neither him, or Islam.  Perhaps should have pursued the Ghurids and removed the threat, before he would be back for the second battle at Tarain.  


Prithviraj Chauhan

Hindu Chahamana Vs Muslim Ghurids

Chahamanas Forces

Unknown Total Forces

Reputed from enemy accounts to be larger than the Ghurid force

Ghurid Forces

Unknown Total Forces

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