Pushing Back the barbarian Huns

Fulfilling His Mothers Dreams

Warrior Stats

Full Name: Skandagupta

Born/Died: 455 - 467

Weapon Speciality: Unknown

Notable Battles: Unknown

Origin Story

Skandagupta was a prince, son of a Junior Queen married to Kumaragupta.  The barbaric Huns had reduced their empire to ashes.  Little did the Gupta empire know that this junior prince would vanquish the barbaric invaders and restore their rightfully kingdom to it's glory.  Much like other heroes of Hindu History, Skandagupta returned to his Mother directly after defeating their enemies and sought her blessings.  

The Huns

The Huns were a completely brutal race, known to scare infant male Huns to desensitise Hun warriors to pain.  They even performed cranial deformation on their own young.  It is said many of the Chinese that are now native to India were escaping Hun forces.  Experts at combining horse riding and archery, able to move fast and raid, loot and take slaves.    

Pushing Back The Invasion

During Skandagupta's reign the Huns (Hunas) invaded India from the Northwest regions, in what is now known as Pakistan and Afghanistan.  News reached Skandgupta of the Huns pillaging and murdering of Hindu's and he gathered his army to meet them in war. It is said he won the war against the Mlechchhas around the end of his fathers, or the beginning of his own reign.  By pushing back the invaders and seeing off internal threats to his own crown, he brought the ability to practice Dharma without fear of attack to those under his watch.  His actions would ensure the Gupta empire would continue for almost another century and he issued both gold and silver coins that were adopted as standard by his predecessors.           

The Huns, known as 'Hunas' in India

The Huns, known as 'Hunas' in India

Memorialised in stone

Inscription of Skandagupta on Bhitari Pillar

"by whose two arms the earth was shaken, when he, the creator (of a disturbance like that) of a terrible whirlpool, joined in close conflict with the Hun's; . . . . . . among enemies . . . . . . arrows . . . . . . . . . . . . proclaimed . . . . . . . . . . . . just as if it were the roaring of (the river) Ganga, making itself noticed in (their) ears."

Transliterated Inscription of Skandagupta on Junagadh Rock

...whose [Skandagupta's] fame, moreover, even [his] enemies, in the countries of the mlechchhas... having their pride broken down to the very root, announce with the words "verily the victory has been achieved by him."

TRIBUTEs TO Skandagupta

Bhitari Pillar Inscription


Junagadh Rock Inscription


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