Warrior Poets

Providing Inspiration in each and Every Nation

Its important to note that Kshatriya did much more than just rule, fight battles and lead their Kingdoms using a system of Dharma.  Kshatriya were born into the mode of Goodness and Passion, therefore it was also their role to inspire the very hearts and minds of the people.  This was done through a range of mediums, from song and dance to the very rhythmic beatings of the War Drums in battle, none could argue that the drummer wasn't as important as any warrior on the battlefield.  But in this section of the site we explore some Kshatriya poetry from the Highly talented Poet Kal-Ke Anawkam.  He brings knowledge of the Vedas in an English medium, into a form that is uplifting and sows a seed in the users mind.   


Aryavartha Antaryamin Alliance

We are like lions of Girnar,
Who all shine like a superstar,
We are the ones who serve you,
The word 'you' being the true clue,

We protect our homeland from terror,
From those who aren't ever so clever,
We defend you from all those evil jihadis,
Who harm women, men, children & babies,

We are the ones who make sure all is fine,
We are the ones who make our realm shine,
We are the ones who rise out of the darkness,
We are the ones aligned to higher consciousness,

We are all the ones who fight with honour & code,
We are all the ones who make evil corrode & erode,
We are all the ones who never backdown from a fight,
We are all the ones who defend India so all can be bright!

We serve & protect our homeland with passionate fervour,
We serve & protect weaving our own lapidary veritable velour,
We serve & protect with a vertiginous rectitude with our gratitude,
We serve & protect with gratitude to serve you all with this attitude!

Kshatriya Poetic Shorts

Who Am Eye?


We are all the soldiers,
Who defend our borders,
We are the navy seals too,
Defending the coast for you,
We are the air force in the skies,
Who operate with our vigilant eyes!
We are the intelligence using our ears,
To make sure we can try prevent fears,
We work hard to create green pastures!
We are the ones who help during disasters!
Handing out food & various different supplies!
We are the ones who help all situations stabilise!
We are all the Kshatriyas of Aryavartha serving you!
We uphold Dharma to serve you all a clue that is true!
If you like the sound of what we do then join the army!
The army that is more like a tribe or a Kshatriya family!

Narayana Sena


The Narayana Sena,
Here to perform seva,
We are the pure souls,
With our electrified roles,

Here to defend Dharma,
Unified to make all calmer,
Carving reality with karma,
Whilst wearing divine armour,

We defend our homeland with love,
All our actions are aligned to above,
We are those whose inner Akshauhini,
Will begin within aligning up our kundalini,

We are the ones who operate with clarity,
The ones aligned to the realm of singularity,
We are the Kshastriyas of Mother Aryavartha,
The reincarnated souls from the Mahabharata!

G.O.D - Game Of Dharma


Game of Dharma,
To earn good karma,
This is the way of purity,
Leading to soulful security,

Do good for our Vedic Dharma,
To wear Dharma Karma Armour,
This is the way of the true warrior,
This is the way of a Vedic Kshatriya,

Dharma is the all pervading divine force,
Dharma is the language of the true source,
Dharma is the language of crystal clear clarity,
Dharma is the language of encoded singularity,

With Vedic Dharma there are pellucid glaciations,
With Vedic Dharma there are celestial formations,
With Vedic Dharma there are dulcet permutations,
With Vedic Dharma one only produces delectations!

Rudric Kshatriyas


Rudric Kshatriyas,
Are Vedic warriors,
Who always defend,
Defend until the end,

The warriors who shine,
The warriors of the divine,
Just like the lions of Girnar,
Their roars are felt from far,

They are soldiers of Aryavartha,
The defenders of Bharat Ki Varsha,
They are the preservers of freedom,
They are gatekeepers to our kingdom,

These are those who are our soldiers,
Those who choose to protect all borders,
These Kshatriyas give their lives for us all,
These Kshatriyas stand together firm & tall,

They defend the honour of the sacred land,
Where nothing is ever bland but is rather grand,
Defending our land & we don't know their names,
They defend standing in the firing lines of war games!

They defend standing to protect against devilish aims!
They defend standing to protect against the hellish flames!
They defend standing to protect against any type of alarm!
They defend standing to protect against those causing harm!

AAA Academy


Welcome to the academy,
To evolve into a pure remedy,
Where one becomes a Kshatriya,
In ways that are truly Apaurusheya,

This academy involves the Antaryamin,
With this alliance one will wear a big grin,
This academy needs no formal qualifications,
Just for one to evolve with Vedic quantifications,

Quantifications that lead to positive permutations,
Where ones calibrations creates all the culminations,
That forge foundations of the 'self' with aggregations,
So they will evolve with frenetic splaying augmentations,

Apaurusheya can mean 'out of this world' or Akashic,
The Antaryamin alliance will make ones life be fantastic,
Ones Akshauhini has to come from them wanting to change,
Ones Akshauhini is what will bring true enlightenment in range,

The Vedic Kshatriya must face their own 'self' to evolve,
Only once they face their 'self' will their shadows dissolve,
The best warriors never wish to cause harm to another at all,
The Vedic Kshatriya at peace will always truly stand firm & tall!

The Spirit Of Lila


The spirit of the soul,
Will make one feel whole,
Especially all Kshatriyas,
As they are Vedic warriors,

A warrior without their soul,
Will only have a nugatory role,
Without the universal principles,
There are never positive ripples,

The spirit of Lila makes one jive,
The spirit of Lila makes one alive,
The spirit of Lila makes one thrive,
The spirit of Lila makes one survive,

Lila is enjoying life with the divine hand,
Where no moment is bland but is grand,
A pure Vedic Kshatriya will serve Dharma,
Always striving to make everything calmer,

A Vedic Kshatriya doesn't enjoy competition,
As they know competition will cause friction,
They prefer to keep their minds crystal clear,
Knowing a clear mind leads to having no fear,

A Vedic Kshatriya will serve ALL of humanity,
A Vedic Kshatriya never has any type of vanity,
A Vedic Kshatriya makes the most of their life-force,
A Vedic Kshatriya always serves the universal source!

Agni Akshauhini


Agni Akshauhini,
With the kundalini,
Leads to Dharma,
Thus positive karma,

Agni is the fire element,
Residing in the firmament,
Agni is the tongue of the Gods,
To help incinerate all devilish sods,

One has to first understand Dharma,
To earn their Dharma Karma Armour,
This is the fiery Chiranjeevi frequency,
To comprehend without any discrepancy,

When one is defending universal values,
They must be able to see through any ruse,
With the 3rd Eye there is no Maya illusion,
Seeing through all delusion causing confusion,

Shabda Brahman flows through the pure,
As long as they wish to evolve into a cure,
The heavens will open up to the pure of heart,
It has always been this way from the very start,

The Kshatriya comes in many forms for defence,
They maybe on a front line or serving in intelligence,
They maybe the warrior whose actions are physical,
Or the intellectual lawyer defending all that is atypical,

The Kshatriya will have a mind that is sharp & clinical,
The Kshatriya must understand all that is metaphysical,
The Kshatriya must have a mind that is logical & technical,
The Kshatriya must have a mind that is critical & analytical,

The Kshatriya must have many qualities that are vertiginous,
The Kshatriya will always grow in a manner that is dulcifluous,
The Kshatriya without the heart will simply be a killing machine!
The Kshatriya that is pure is serene with divine spiritual hygiene!

Kshatriya Singularity


Kshatriya singularity,
Operating with clarity,
With sight from the height,
There will be the infinite light,

That will arrive from heaven,
To help all warriors to leaven,
Some want to dismantle Dharma,
So we must all operate with karma,

Karma means to carve reality,
One must transcend all duality,
In order to gain their own armour,
Armour to make everything calmer,

The Vedic tribe must protect Dharma,
Only then will we receive good karma,
With positive karma will we grow strong,
Dharma is where all our souls do belong,

With unified minds & souls is symbiosis,
This then leads to an inevitable synthesis,
Which will formulate & fabricate an osmosis,
Leading to unified metamorphosis apotheosis,

The nature of Dharma is that it permeates all,
The nature of Dharma helps one stand firm & tall,
The nature of Dharma is that it is pure communication!
The nature of Dharma is that it leads to soulful unification!

Modern Kuruksetra


 These Indian Sepoy’s are faking,

These sellouts should get no ratings,

The enemies not just at our gates,

Their already planning dangerous undertakings

But now the dharma Rashtra is awakening,

Our Mandir’s destroyed, all of the walls are caved in,

Only Lord Krishna and the Kshatriya were the troops remaining,

All for one and one for all, told adharma, keep invading!

Well push the enemies gates in,

Traitors will die for treason, you fake Hindu's can do one,

Well give them war,

When they pillage and plunder our villages

They kidnap our daughters, rape our sisters,

But we'll spread dharma across every nation,

Well give them a ‘Kyshatria’ what for!

Told my squire, prepare my armour,

Only Kyshatrias can walk on lava,

Who has else the heart of a martyr,

Kyshatrias attack, this is Sparta!

Every Kyshatria you see in Bharat, they stand right here as free men,

When we see these sepoys on Twitter, well pop their chains and free them,

They remind me of slaves,

I'll free Sepoys with Golden rays,

Of the most perfected knowledge from our Vedas

You say retreat, I scream attack,

Archers load the wall, give them hell, victory is our's,

Well stand here in the face of tyranny,

Wont you stand with me?,

Claim your glory, embrace the iron price!

Atma Ni Basha


Atma ni basha,
Bharat Ki Varsha,
Dhuniya ni vartha,
Apree Aryavartha,

Zindagi toruk mitoo che,
Ne eeya toruk tikoo ye che,
Ah Kali Yug toruk gurum che,
Ah Kali Yug toruk tundoo che,

The language of the soul,
Makes anyone feel whole,
The divine Vedic Kshatriyas,
Are our Aryavarthas warriors,

We should salute them everyday,
To pay them homage in every way,
They risk their lives for all citizens,
All their lives are more than tokens,

They operate without being unknown,
They operate knowing they may die alone,
They operate in the dark with purified sight,
They operate in the shadows serving the light!

Kshatriya 369 Code


Those who uphold Dharma,
Will be provided good karma,
To make everything all calmer,
With their Dharma Karma Armour,

One must first become universal,
To be in touch with all that is eternal,
This is the only way for ones process,
To begin which leads to ones progress,

Kshatriyas only serve the universal light,
This is why they have sight from the height,
Working for the greater universal good for all,
Kshatriyas drink from the fluid Akashic waterfall!

Himalaya Pralaya Jagriti


Kshatriyas have layers,
Like folds of the Himalayas,
They are sturdy as mountains,
Yet are fluid like flowing fountains,

They will have honour in their souls,
They take pride in their numinous roles,
They serve & protect with their unification,
They serve & protect with no discrimination,

They are the sons & daughters of Aryavartha,
The land of the Ramayana & the Mahabharata,
They serve the land to protect various dimensions,
They are there during times of strife & all tensions!

They are all the ones who will risk their lives for us all,
They have a rectitude attitude so they stand firm & tall,
They perform the dance of Pralaya to remove nescience,
They perform the Tandav on all those who serve ignorance!