the Hindu Empire That Could Have Been

The Battle that Hem Should Have Won!

Battle Stats

War Between: Adilshah Sultanate & Afghans? Vs Akbar's Mughal Army

Battle Leaders: Hem Chandra (Hindu Empire) Vs Akbar (Mughal's)

Date: 05/11/1556

Battlefield: Panipat, Haryana, Bharat (India)

Weapons Used: Cannons, War Elephants, Swords, Armour, Bow & Arrow, Cross-Bows, Pikes


Hemu a Hindu King and recently conquered Delhi and Agra by defeating Mughal commander Tardi Beg Khan in the Battle of Delhi.  Although he worked for the Adilshah Suri clan, he declared himself the Vikramaditya, a title for a Hindu King and had a coronation, but it wasn't long before it fell back into outsider hands.  Upon hearing the news, 14 year old Akbar and his guardian set off to reclaim the lost states of Delhi and Agra.  Akbar got lucky, some his advanced forces numbering 10,000 cavalry stumbled upon a group of Afghans carrying Rana Hemu's artillery.  The Afghans easily gave up the weapons that could of changed the fate of this battle for the Hindu's.  


On the fifth of November 1556 both armies met on the battlefield of Panipat, bloodied with the deaths of a previous war and later again in the third battle of Panipat.  Hemu's army heavily outnumbering the Mughals by around three to one, but his artillery now being used against him thanks to the Afghans.  30,000 Cavalry, armoured elephants, musketeers, crossbowmen facing off against a Mughal cavalry of around 10,000.  Hemu himself leading his army in the centre atop an elephant, whilst Mughal leader stays 8 miles back.  

Hemu started the charge with his war elephants hitting the Mughal flanks.  The Mughal centre pushed forward and took cover from war elephants and cavalry behind a deep ravine.  The Mughals fired into the vulnerable cavalry and war elephants and continued the attack on the Afghan centre.  Seeing some his trusted lieutenants go down, Hemu led the charge atop his Elephant himself and it looks as though he may win the battle.  Both flanks of the Mughal army had been driven back.  Hemu charged with his Elephants toward the centre to crush the Mughals, but he was shot in the eye and fell unconscious.  Chaos ensued in Hemu's forces who broke ranks and fled.   Some 5,000 died in the ensuing battle and retreat.  Once Hemu's elephant was caught, his bare breathing body was beheaded in true Mughal form.     

Panipat Battle - 1556

Panipat Battle - 1556

Hindu Emperor Vs Akbars Mughals

Hindu & Afghan Army

30,000 Total Forces

30,000 Cavalry

500 Battle Elephants



Mughal Army

10,000 Total Forces

10,000 Cavalry




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