Is it a Sword or Shield?

Both actually, with a Blade styled on Animal Horns

Weapon Card

Material: 2 Indian Antelope Horns pointing in opposite directions, metal or leather shields

Primary Use: Can be used for attack and defence

Effectiveness: Very effective in Melee battles, can be assembled using items found in nature

First Used: Antique versions hundreds of years have been found, but origins though to be much earlier

Still in Use?: Yes in Martial Arts in Southern Bharat (India)

Another weapon styled on nature and even borrowing elements, this time taking inspiration from animal horns.  This weapon was unique in that it combines both a shield and sword into one weapon, perfect for when battles turns into melee warfare.  The horns of the Black Buck were used to make the blades for this weapon.  Much later Invading Arabs noticed the efficiency of this weapon and starting using Cheetahs to catch the Antelope, this is why you will see later versions of the Madu with Crescents on them.  As with all Kshatriya weapons, variations made later included complete metal body and sharpened metal caps as tips added to the horns.  

The weapon is said to have originated in Southern India.  There is a simpler more compact form of the device, said to be the oldest weapon in the world.  Early versions had no shield and were crafted entirely from animals, which didn't require complex metals and mining knowledge.  


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