Fall Of the Rajputh-Afghan Alliance

Battle that Consolidated Mughal Rule In India

Battle Stats

War Between: Rajputh/Afghan Alliance Vs Muslim Mughal Forces

Battle Leaders: Maharana Sanga (Rajput's) Vs Babar (Mughals) 

Date: 16/03/1527

Battlefield: Khanwa, Bharatpur District, Rajasthan, Bharat (India)

Weapons Used: Cannons, War Elephants, Swords, Armour

Lead Up To The Battle

Maharana Sanga of Rajasthan had sent an envoy to Babar, the first Mughal emperor to raid India, offering to attack the city of Agra, whilst Babar would attack the Delhi Sultanate, which was then under the rule of Ibrahim Lodi.  Babar commenced his attack on Delhi, but Maharana Sanga held back and didn't bother to attack Agra.  Some historians argue that Maharana Sanga intended to wait until the two muslim forces reduce each others numbers and then pounce.  Another theory that Sanga thought that Babur would withdraw from Delhi once he had looted the city and it's inhabitants, as earlier invaders had.  Either way it didn't go to plan and Babur made a decisive victory over Lodi and stayed put in India.  

Maharana Sanga wasn't happy with this and intended to push Babar's barbaric forces out of India altogether and continued to pursue a Rajputh alliance that would soon see all the great Rajputh Leaders to join.  Babur decided that the Afghan force to the East was the larger threat and sent the army to face them.  Little did he know that Sanga would soon advance upon him and he would have to reroute the army, under the commander Hamuyan towards the strong forts of Agra.  The Afghan and even the former Delhi Sultanates Son, Lodi joined the battle, numbers now amounting to over 100,000 men.  

The Battle

On March the 16th 1527 the armies of the Rajasthan Afghan Alliance under the leadership of Maharana Sanga charged into battle in traditional battle formation.  Although their numbers exceeded that of the Mughals, they lacked the force of the modern Cannons that Babar possessed.  Babar had surveyed the battlefield in advance and formed a strong defence with reinforced carts.  Barbar clearly didn't estimate the valour and courage of the Rajpuths, according to many accounts and made more than adequate preparations.  The traditional tactics and weapons of Maharana Sanga proved fruitless and the Rajputh/Afghan army were cornered.  At this point traitor, Silhadi of Raisen and around 35,000 of his troops defected into the Mughal army.    

Surrounded, Maharana Sanga was struck by an arrow and fell unconscious, he was lifted off the battlefield and the Rajpuths quickly lost the battle.  When coming back a conscious state he was enraged that his commanders for retreating and even vowed never to return to his hometown of Mewar, until he had driven Babar out.  Never letting go of his dreams of a free India, he was eventually poisoned by his own commanders, that he no doubt would not let live in peace.  

Babar, just like in earlier tradition amongst the Mughals dictated had a tower of skulls erected.  


Battle Of Khanwa - 1527

Rajput/Afghan Vs Muslim Mughals

Rajput & Afghan Forces

114,000 Total Forces

57,000 Hindu Rajpuths

35,000 Purbiyas

12,000 Muslim Rajpuths

10,000 Afghans

500 Battle Elephants

Mughal Forces

83,000 Total Forces

40,000 Mughal Soldiers

8,000 Reinforcements

35,000 Purbiyas (defected)

50 Large Cannons

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