Big Boy Weapon

Weapon of Choice for Lord Hanuman

Weapon Card

Material: Metal body, training clubs were made of wood and even stone

Primary Use: Fierce Attack

Effectiveness: Very effective as an offensive weapon

First Used: 2,000 years ago, perhaps much earlier...

Still in Use?: Pehlwani Wrestlers in Northern Bharat (India) 

The Gada or Heavy Mace was the weapon of choice for our beloved Lord Hanuman, but still used much later in the times of Alexander.  Of all the great Hindu warriors that the Macedonian had to face, the Mace warriors were known to be the fiercest.  Although the heavy mace was large, the training versions were even heavier.  The special swinging techniques perfected over centuries strengthen a warriors back and physique.  

Although Indian Clubs workouts caught on are still actively used in Southern India martial arts schools, the Gada training didn't take off so much.  Perhaps because the workout is simple too much for most warriors.  


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