Not Just any Bow!

Divine Bow's

Weapon Card

Material: Unknown

Primary Use: Total destruction of EVERYTHING!

Effectiveness: Pretty effective, medium to long term range

First Used: Ramayana - About 5,000 years ago

Still in Use?: Non-divine bow's are of course, still in use

The bow comes in many types and is a staple of warriors of old throughout the world.  But we are going to focus on Divine Bows in this article, the first is Lord Shiva's original bow, Kodhandam (Sanskrit: pínāka) and is said to be able to cause total destruction.  Prepared to be used for a battle between the mighty Rudra and Vishnu, but later thrown to Earth by Rudra when he heard of the total destruction a war between him and Lord Vishnu would cause.  This came later to be known as Shiv Dhanush, and mentioned in the Ramayana when Lord Rama, another avatar of Lord Vishnu broke the bow when taking up a challenge to marry Lady Sita of the Janaka Royal Family.  

The breaking of the Lord Shiva's bow, draws the attention of the great Parashurama who is furious.  Even great Kshatriya  King's know not to mess with the Axe wielding Brahmin-Kshatriya.  Lord Rama humbly responds and Parashurama insists on string another divine bow, Sharanga (Lord Vishnu's) and duel with him.  Lord Rama takes the bow, strings it and ask Parashurama for a target, Parashurama realising that Lord Rama is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu backs down from his rage.