Gauntlet Sword

Handheld Scissor Knife

Weapon Card

Material: Metal Body, Adjourned with Jewels and Precious Metals

Primary Use: Close Combat Attack Against Armoured Cavalry

Effectiveness: Fatal

First Used: Unknown

Still in Use?: Yes as an art form Mardani Khel (Indian Martial Art from Maharashtra)

Famous Specialists: Shivaji Maharaja,  Baji Prabhu Deshpande

The Danda Patta is effectively a Sword and hand-guarded, Gauntlet, all in one weapon.  It was considered highly effective against armoured cavalry.  Highly accomplished users could even wield two of these weapons simultaneously.  The blades varied in length from 10 to 44 inches, either locally made or recycled from European Swords.  It is usually padded and the Gantlet allows the users hands to be completely enclosed and safe.  

Re popularised by the Marathas, it is said that Shivaji had also mastered this Kshatriya art.  Most commonly paired with a shield, but also used in pairs and with spears or axes.  It was perhaps rekindled due to the South Indian stye of Sword fighting, which didn't require as much wrist mobility.  It was actually better for slashing the enemy, rather than stabbing as the weapon would lead you to believe.  Modern users  in the Maharashtran martial art, 'Mardani Khel' can be seen wielding two of these swords to create a defensive windmill like effect.  It is said that Maratha warriors would use this technique as they made a last stand, taking out as many enemy combatants as they could before they died.  Some soldiers would also fight in pairs using the sword to defend both forward and rear positions.  


Danda Patta - A Favourite of the Maratha Army