Another Battle That Memorialised The Screams Of Innocent Women

Battle Stats

War Between: Mewar Army Vs Bahadur Shah

Battle Leaders: Rani Kanvati (Mewars) Vs Bahadur Shah 

Date: 03/1535

Battlefield: Chittorgarh Fort, Bharatpur District, Rajasthan, Bharat (India)

Weapons Used: Cannons, Swords, Armour, Muskets, Elephants

Little is known about this siege, the second such siege of the fortress by muslim invaders after the first ever successful siege of Chittor Fort. This time Bahadur Shah had his eyes on the Fort and perhaps the Rani herself.  Rani Kanavati is said to have sent a Rakhi to Hamuyan as a sacred sign of brother-ship and a request for help, however Hamuyanm the commander of the Mughal forces saw Rani as an Infidel.  He received a request from Bahadur to support him in his siege.  He delayed his trip to Chittor fort and by the time he had arrived, Bahadur saw victory and 13,000 women including the Rani herself had committed Jauhar (burnt themselves to death) alongside 3,200 soldiers had committed Saka (A ritual where men would make the final charge into their deaths on the battlefield).  It wouldn't be the last time the once impenetrable Chittorgarh fort was laid siege to in the 3rd Siege of Chittor and more Jauhar was witnessed.  


The Final Kshatriya act of 'Saki', Ride into Glorious Death 

Hindu Mewars Vs Muslim

Mewar Forces

7,338 Total Forces

7,338 Hindu Rajputs

Mughal Forces

Unknown Total Forces

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