ferocious Frisbee?

No it's a Chakra or Chakram

Weapon Card

Material: Metal body, some adjourned with precious stones like Rubies and Diamonds

Primary Use: Attack, but can be used for close combat

Effectiveness: Very effective as an offensive weapon

First Used: 400? perhaps much earlier...

Still in Use?: Yes in Punjab, Bharat (India)

The Chakra is an ancient disc shaped throwing weapon and comes in many forms, one of which is called the Sudurshan Chakra.  It can also be used as a handheld combat weapon by skilled practitioners.  Able to cause fatalities from a distance, some of the more simple chakras have blunt insides for ease of use and really sharp outer edges.  We know of it's use from at least 1500 onwards by Hindu's.  Much later Europeans noticed that Sikh's were still using them in battle, wearing long Conical turbans with many Chakra's on them.  Indian Text called Akbar Nama in the 16th century, many types of these device can be seen in the original artwork.   

Some argue that the Chakra was invented by Sikhs, Sikhism being founded in 1469, however a Stone Pillar excavated at a Hindu temple in Malarusar, Southern India proves the the Chakra had much earlier Hindu roots in 12th and 13th centuries.  Was the simple Ring Chakra simply based on an early more advanced form of the weapon? The Sudarshan Chakra was mentioned as early as 2,000 years ago as used by Lord Vishnu.  The Sudarshan Chakra was reported to be able to release fire and return to the owner after the attack was complete.  Ancient Chakras were said to be made of stardust and solar powered, even adorned with precious jewels like rubies and diamonds.  They would also have wheels that would spin against each other for a very long time, much like the modern day Fidget spinners.  Indian collectors still have Chakra models, based on the Sudarshan that are 1,000 years old!  Chakras were found as far as the ancient Bactria Kingdom of Bharat, in what's now known as Afghanistan.  Found on a 4th century stone tablet, depicting a Bactria King worshipping Lord Vishnu, who holds both a ring chakra and a much larger Sudarshan chakra


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Dharmachakra - The Wheel Of Dharma

The wheel of Dharma,
Provider of good karma,
Many ways to find peace,
To evolve into a masterpiece,

The chakra has twenty four spokes,
All with meaning without any cloaks,
Every spoke has it's unique symbolism,
To wake one from their somnambulism,

The twenty four Aryavarthan virtues,
Are designed to be the universal clues,
Designed to help the citizens aggrandise,
To help them aggrandise & also crystallise,

The first spoke is a representation of love,
Who ever is pure love will dwell up above,
Love is the chemistry to any remedy for sure,
Love is known universally as the sure pure cure,

The second is courage which comes in many forms,
All acts of true courage can end all the types of storms,
With courage one will always act with humble chivalry,
With courage one will always act with universal bravery,

The third is patience which helps one have a stable mind,
With patience one will also have compassion & will be kind,
With patience one increases their tolerance & understanding,
With patience good things take place as life is not demanding,

The fourth is peace which is something that feeds good souls,
Peace is nourishing to all souls who carve out numinous roles,
Peace is the universal language of heavens to serve a true clue!
Peace is the universal language of all stable hearts & minds too!

The fifth spoke is magnanimity which is all about generosity,
Magnanimity is all about being altruistic & is all about nobility,
A munificent soul can be a philanthropist who works for humanity,
Those who work for the greater universal good to end all the insanity,

The sixth spoke is about goodness which decreases all types of stress,
Goodness outshines darkness with all forms of collective consciousness,
Goodness makes everything in life sweet from the core so all can evolve!
With goodness all things that will ensue will cause the darkness to dissolve!

The seventh spoke is faith which gives people hope & scope to look forward,
Faith will allow people to see the good in each other as well as looking inward,
With faith there is goodwill & this will then lead all to only positive permutations!
With faith there is goodwill to all of mankind thus leading to dulcet culminations!

The eighth spoke is gentleness which then makes anyone feel truly sedulous!
Once one is universally sedulous in nature they will evolve to become sonorous!
Once one is universally sedulous then everything they do will become mellifluous!
Once one is universally sedulous then everything they do will become dulcifluous!

The ninth spoke is selflessness to serve all others without any discrimination!
Selflessness is serving all & allows anyone to evolve without any complication!
Once one is selfless they’ll transcend to new dimensions providing delectations!
Once one is selfless they’ll transcend to new dimensions with pellucid glaciations!

The tenth spoke is self-control where one resists any types of bad actions,
Self control is about not acting in ways that have any negative bad reactions,
Self control is about regulation of the ‘self’ including having balanced emotions,
Self control is about maintaining order of the 'self' so there are no negative motions,

The eleventh spoke is about self sacrifice where one works for all of mankind,
With self sacrifice towards universal principles will leave the evil days behind,
With self sacrifice only good things will follow that helps transcend one another!
With self sacrifice only good things ensue for mankind to enjoy between each other!

The twelfth spoke is about truthfulness which is what Dharma is truly all about,
With truthfulness aligned to Dharma will remove all types of lies without a doubt,
With truthfulness there is never room for any type of devilish lies to exist in anyway,
With truthfulness there is pure bright light like that of the sun rising every single day!

The thirteenth spoke is about righteousness which is about upholding our Dharma,
With any act carried out with universal purified intent will provide one good karma,
Righteousness is the way of a pure heart & pure soul leading to beatific ameliorations,
Righteousness is the way of the force of the source leading to pure dulcet consecrations!

The fourteenth spoke is about justice which is about standing up for the weak,
Justice is about being the voice that is defending those who are humble or meek,
Justice is about being the actions that bring about change for those under attack,
Justice is about being the eyes & ears to help expose those who are being truly slack!

The fifteenth spoke is about mercy which leads to anyone having compassion,
Mercy leads to one enhancing the 'self' in an honourable & anfractuous fashion,
Mercy is the ability to have that sense of depth that shows one is truly vertiginous,
Mercy is the act that will help end all that is tempestuous making it all mellifluous,

The sixteenth spoke is all about gracefulness which involves one being sedulous,
Once one is sedulous then that very nature will lead anyone to become sonorous,
Gracefulness is being tactful thus making anyone soulfully pragmatic & diplomatic,
Gracefulness is acting with care so one is always able to solve all that is problematic,

The seventeenth spoke is about humility which makes anyone humble & modest,
With humility the 'self' doesn't need feeding with false pride as it is never honest,
With humility the 'self' doesn't wish to seek to conquer or even enjoy competition,
With humility the 'self' doesn’t have time to feed any trait that will cause friction,

The eighteenth spoke is about being loyal which is royal to the nature of the soul,
When one is loyal then they will always feel whole in their unique numinous role,
Being loyal to another is being loyal to the rest of creation & will show thus bestow,
Being loyal to another is being loyal to the rest of the fabric so one will always grow,

The nineteenth spoke is about sympathy leading to empathy with pure emotions,
Purified emotions create motions like waves of oceans will heal like divine potions,
Sympathy is being able to show mercy & to emphasise with anothers point of view,
Sympathy is being able to show mercy to another that will then show all one is true!

The twentieth spoke is about spiritual knowledge which always leads to positivity,
Spiritual knowledge lets one transcend to all new heights with dulcifluous fluidity,
Spiritual knowledge lets one transcend so they’ll ignite their Divine Neural Activity,
Spiritual knowledge lets one transcend all dimensions with silky smooth perpetuity,

The twenty first spoke is all about forgiveness where one will just learn to let go,
Forgiveness is how one can grow to their flow so they flow with an electric glow,
Forgiveness is letting go of all weights so that one can transcend higher & higher,
Forgiveness will cause any fire that is causing problems to then slowly expire & tire,

The twenty second spoke is all about honesty which will lead to one truly growing,
Being honest is a virtue where the 'self' will keep sowing, bestowing whilst flowing,
Being honest is a quality where one honours the 'self' with all their own divine acts,
Being honest is a quality where one honours the 'self' with the acts like sacred pacts,

The twenty third spoke is about eternity where one is working for all of mankind,
Eternity is like the wheel of Dharma & life as both always moves on without a grind,
Eternity is the state of being eternal just like the immortal portal that is the divine soul,
Eternity is knowing the past, present & future runs concurrently which is eternity's role,

The twenty fourth spoke is all about hope which will provide amatory scope for us all,
Without hope there is only desperation which will cause anyone to crumble & thus fall,
Hope is knowing that there is always a solution for every problem in it's state of entropy,
Hope gives one sight & alchemical skills to turn any negativity into positivity with syntropy!

The above words about the 24 spokes of the Dharmachakra is dedicated to the people & Kshatriyas of Aryavartha inspired by the side image.

Poet: Kal-Ke Anawkam