Pushing back the mughal invaders

One of The Largest Battles of the 18th Century

Battle Stats

War Between: Maratha Empire Vs Nizam Army & Mughals

Battle Leaders: Bajirao 1st Peshwa (Maratha's) Vs Nizam (Nizam Army & Mughals)

Date: 24/12/1737

Battlefield: Bhopal, Bharat (India)

Weapons Used: Muskets, Swords, Bow and Arrow, Armour, Light & Heavy Artillery

The Lead Up

As the Mughal empire started to weaken, the great Peshwa (Prime Minister) Bajirao the 1st started to push the invaders out of India.  He successfully invaded Mughal territories of Malwa and Gujurat and then made their way towards the outskirts of Delhi in 1737.  The Peshwa was successful and defeated the Mughal forces, but rather then hold Delhi, they marched back towards their own homelands in Pune.  The defeated Mughal ruler went and cried to the Nizam of Hydrebad for support and of course stressed the religious duties of Jihad against the idol worshipping, peaceful Hindu's.  The Nizam rode his armies out, alongside that of the Mughals that sought his help.  The two armies met at Bhopal.  

The Battle Begins

Both armies stood facing each other in a traditional battle formation, in what must of been a front that went on further than the eye can see.  The Maratha's had successfully pushed the Nizam's forces back and laid siege onto them.  They supposedly poisoned the Mughal water supply and ensures fresh supplies of much needed food couldn't reach them.  Chimaji, a Maratha commander, was sent with 10,000 men to prevent further reinforcements.  Bajirao blocked the city that the Nizam was held up in , rather than attack directly.  His strategy worked, when the Nizam was forced to sign a treaty that gave a large portion of the Malwa region to the Maratha's as well as 5 million Rupees for war expenses.  

Maratha Warrior

Maratha Warrior

Hindu Maratha Vs Nizam & Mughals

Maratha Army

80,000 Total Forces

Nizam & Mughal Army

70,000 Total Forces

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