Tiger UpPer Cut!

The Underhand Weapon

Weapon Card

Material: Metal body

Primary Use: Concealed Attack  

Effectiveness: Very effective as a concealed weapon, styled on nature

First Used: 16th Century

Still in Use?: Bijapur, Bharat (India)

Famous Specialists: Shivaji Maharaja

The Bagh Nakh was an Ancient Kyshatria weapon, used by Hindu kings.  Often with two ring and five claws, designed to under the hand, rather than on top of it.  Designed to puncture and drag enemies just as if a Tiger, even causing fatalities.  The word 'Bagh Nakh' itself means 'Tiger Claw' as the weapon is easily concealable and more suitable for Ninja type warriors.  In fact Ninja's actually have a very similar weapon.  As with all Kyshatria weapons it came in many forms, with scorpion extensions and even an over the hand version not designed for concealment.  

When would a Hindu king need a concealed weapon?, when dealing with Tyrants of course.  Afzal Khan was known to invite kings to his court, on the premises of negotiations, only to have them murdered.  King Shivaji knowing this took a Tiger Claw with him, even though King Shivaji was small in stature compared to the almost 7 foot Khan.  Khan took out his dagger and tried to stab the noble Shivaji, only to realise he was wearing Body Armour under his attire.  Shivaji then used the Bagh Nakh to disembowel the treacherous Khan.  Khan's tyrannical rule ended and Hindu's once again got some respite from aggressors.  Often used by Maratha Kings, even rumoured to wear them during sleep.  But once British handshakes came into force with the invasion, the custom of wearing these discrete weapons was lost.  


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