Preserve & Protect Kyshatria Dharma for Future Generations


Without Kshatriya Dharma, there can be no Golden Age!

Unstoppable Warriors of Peace

Kshatriya Code

What did it mean to be a Kshatriya in Ancient times?, what does it mean in modern times? how far did the Kshatriya code travel?  Can we rebuild our own image of kshatriya from these traces, left throughout the world?

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Kshatriya Battles & Heroes

We explore some of the great Hindu freedom fighters and battles simply for defending the peaceful practice of Dharma, not just from our ancient history, but also from modern times.    

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Kshatriya Weapons


We take a look at some ancient Kshatriya weapons, the prayers that are still made for them today and how crucial they were to ensure Hindus could continue to practice their way of life, uninterrupted by aggressors and invaders. 

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